Exupery International School

An international school in the heart of the Baltic countries, in Latvia, on the suburbs between Riga and Jurmala.

Spatial feelings

In collaboration with the architect's office 8 A.M. we have helped The Exupery International School in Piņķi, New Street 8 to get a stunning illumination of school premises. The vision of architects was to use contemporary and possibly unusual solutions to such type of building. Lanterns from HALLA, a.s., used in corridors and study rooms. And INTRA Lighting with direct and indirect lighting, which creates a sense of spaciousness in the room. Building features a circular hallway which really stands out in dark part of the day. In this part of the building we used Red Dot and German Design Awards winning HALLA Sant series luminaires.

Indoor lighting

The attention of the school's visitors is definitely attracted by INTRA Lighting Night & Day series luminaries in spacious staircases and corridors. With two color compositions and a rotating indirect light segment they really stand out, as well as the round shaped HALLA Huge series luminaires with a very large diameter. In both cases, the luminaires are selected with different diameters, lengths and hanging heights. By using illumination modelling software DIALux we made optimized placement and chose power of the luminaires to provide a level of illumination that is uniform and complies with EU standards, while preserving the vision of the architects for a slightly chaotic luminaire layout.

Territory lighting

Territory lighting was made by using solution from the German manufacturers TRILUX Convia series luminaries, which has also won the Red Dot Design Award. The lighting of the sports field is based on the US manufacturer's CREE LEDway Multi series luminaires, which are distinguished by their high strength and durability, both from shock and environmental damage, and most importantly high-quality optics which let us to achieve high levels of uniformity. It should be noted that CREE is one of the few manufacturers offering a 10-year guarantee for their products. In general, besides the above-mentioned HALLA, INTRA Lighting, CREE and TRILUX we also used solutions by ASTRO Lighting and emergency lighting from TM TECHNOLOGIE.