Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel Vilnius

LED technology is ideal for facade lighting

LED technology for facade lighting

Our products are durable and reduce not only the cost of electricity consumption, but also the cost of lighting.
This is especially true when installing luminaires on high facades, because it requires high towers, which often block the entire roadway and cause inconvenience for transport and pedestrians. In addition, highly skilled workers are required for adjustment - all this leads to high costs and complicated organization of work.

Project implementation

The main facade of the hotel lighting project was carried out in several stages:
1. The existing large metal halides of 70W and 150W luminaires replacement into smaller LED luminaires,
achieving to reduce electricity costs and improve the aesthetic image. For this purpose, there are used IGuzzini iPro Series 20W LED luminaires. The square shapes of small dimensions luminaire body looks neutral, the facade has become aesthetically "cleaner".
2. Illumination of decorative facade elements - pilasters, intrigents, urns, fronts.
For this purpose are used ultra-small, minimalist, low-power 4-10W iGuzzini LEDs: Miniwoody, Trick, Linealuce mini.

Festive lighting

A common problem with installing this type of lighting is that different festive garlands have a very short working time. In order to operate them more than one festive season, it is necessary to remove them. .
When festive lighting is mounted on facades of multi-storey buildings, the costs of installation and disassembly become irrationally large, because  it is often several times higher than the estimate of festive lighting equipment. To avoid this, we have proposed contour lighting for the customer which is repeating the edges of the facade silhouette. The lighting effect obtained with the help of a flexible linear luminaire. 
A small weight of the product caused by simple fastening to various facade elements - for example, to curved details.  This iGuzzine In-Out series luminaire is UV-resistant, it does not change the color of the body (does not get a yellow color), it is non-combustible and maintains a constant flow of light for a very long time. And the most important, this luminaire does not need to be dismantled after the holiday season - enough to turn it off.
Used product:

Advantages of the project

We calculated that by renewing the facade lighting, replacing the metal halide lamps with LEDs - the cost of electricity consumption for the client has decreased by 5 times.
By the way, using only 10 luminaires, whose total power is less than 100W by applying various lighting enhancement and diverting accessories, using low costs, the artistic facade lighting is noticeably enlivened.
Finally, the customer can enjoy long-lasting festive light. All technologies have a guarantee of 5 years.


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