Neste OY is one of the largest Finnish companies controlling three oil refineries and one of the leading petrol station chains in Finland and the Baltic States.

Neste operations include oil refining and processing of renewable energy sources with the main focus on the production of high quality environmentally friendly fuels. The corporation is the world`s leading manufacturer of diesel fuel from renewable sources. NESTE has been added to the global Dow Jones Sustainability Index and has made the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations list for several years in a row.

Focusing on the saving of energy resources, the company has decided to upgrade the lighting systems of all existing petrol stations using lamps with integrated LED sources only. Our company has taken part in the tender and has won it by proposing the most optimal solution which includes both the maximum reduction of energy consumption and significant improvement of lighting quality.

Neste network consists of more than 800 stations in Finland

Neste network consists of more than 800 stations in Finland. The whole network has been upgraded in three years. In order to find an optimal solution, we carefully selected the lighting optics ensuring great lighting results and made certain improvements on standard lighting assemblies. Specifically for this project, universal mounting options suitable for a variety of station roofing types were created making the mounting fast and easy.
Extremely durable luminaires for gas stations. 10 years warranty.
The installed luminaires have an integrated control option and react to arriving clients. The luminaires work at their full capacity only when clients are present in the petrol station. When the station is empty of cars, the luminaires switch to the saving mode thus significantly reducing energy consumption.