Offset printing house „KOPA“ is a modern company that has been operating since 1991. A new industrial building with office spaces opened in 2018. The building area is about 7,200 sq.m.

Exceptional quality lighting manufacturers

    The project uses lighting solutions from reputable manufacturers such as Cree - one of the largest manufacturers of LED light sources and LED luminaires in the world, iGuzzini - a manufacturer of architectural lighting solutions, Trilux - a German company, one of the largest concern in Europe specializing in lighting solutions for production spaces and offices.

Luminaires with status and motion sensors

    The new printing house building with the atypical layout of industrial premises was designed with large, open spaces with plenty of natural light. The building uses a lighting control system that responds to movement and existing natural lighting. In the production area are used LED luminaires with status and motion sensors, which provide the minimum level of illumination when there is no person in the workplace, and when the worker arrives at the workplace, the illumination reaches the required level of illumination. With sufficient natural light through the windows, the luminaires are turned off. This allows employees to feel and work comfortably 24/7 while ensuring maximum electricity savings.

The project is tailored to the needs of both - employees and customers

    The idea of an open office was rejected, each unit has its own space. Was left the opportunity to personalize workplaces. The printing house also has separate spaces where employees can work together. There are also lounge areas, a spacious lounge, and sports space. The new building also includes a lounge area for customers who want to participate in the printing process. When designing office lighting, the focus was not only on reducing electricity costs but also on employee comfort. In addition to general non-dazzling lighting that meets health and safety standards, offices have a number of aesthetic areas that use accent lighting.

Outdoor lighting

    For the outdoor lighting of the printing house, not only the functional lighting of the territory is designed, but also architectural and accent lighting used to emphasize the aesthetics of the object. The cozy and green courtyard with impressive vegetation lighting is designed so that over the years, as vegetation changes, lighting can be transformed to adapt to newly formed plant compositions.
    Extremely low power consumption luminaires are used to illuminate the whole object.


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