Ventspils park and street lighting

In Northwestern Latvia - Ventspils several squares were created: Craftsmen's Square, Gymnastics Square (Katoļu Street 34), Sports ground at the Center Primary School (Saules Street 37) and Standing Square (Mēness Street 2). The square of Ventspils Pārventa Elementary School (Tārgales Street 61) also was established.

Renovation of parks, squares and children's playgrounds in Latvia is receiving increasing attention. Ventspils is one of the cities that has carried out the construction and renovation of several such projects. The municipal setting was simple - the solutions must be energy efficient, with maximum resistance to demolition attacks, but at the same time with ascetic and clean design as well as reasonable price. The iGuzzini Twilight Series luminaires are the most suitable for such basic requirements. The luminaires have high-quality optics that provide a very even level of illumination and the ability to use relatively long distances between supports, thus reducing overall project costs. The Twilight Canberra luminaire with a wide cap was chosen. It has an ascetic and clean design and is demolish resistant thanks to the IK10 impact-resistant polycarbonate glass.

For most projects, the municipality also decided to use the conical lighting supports offered by iGuzzini. The reason that the original conical supports were used is that they do not have any visible welds. They use the inside welding of the balsa, making the pillars as ascetic and neat as the luminaires themselves. An additional highlight is the surface mounted service hatches. Both of these small nuances may not seem important to many, but they are noticed and appreciated by landscape architects. The projects also use iGuzzini Quid series street lamps with a higher mounting height. These luminaires feature a technical design, aerodynamic form and are equipped with DALI protocol to integrate the luminaires as needed into a common monitoring system. The projects also use the Danish manufacturers Focus Lighting's SKY PARK series with a Scandinavian minimalist approach to design.


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