On 17th of April, during the Power Training Tour, Gaismas Stils was visited by prestigious Italian lighting companies iGuzzini representatives to share about the latest and most innovative luminaires of 2019 and their prototypes.

The presentation was attended by architects, designers and other specialists involved with building and urban planning. After the event, participants had the opportunity to see and try out the lunminaires in life.

From the indoor solutions presented, we would like to highlight iGuzzini's iconic series LaserBlade novelty- Laser Blade XS with an integrated driver that will definitely attract the attention of architects in search for an invisible light source. Another exciting experience was brought with Palco InOut framer series with framing option that opens unprecedented opportunities to illuminate monuments, sculptures and other objects; it is also quite a technological achievement in terms of its size. Available from 19mm in diameter, it is designed for indoor as well as outdoor use. 

We had a chance to also gain some insights about intelligent systems IoL (Intelligence of Light Solutions), the use of which will be more and more significant in years to come. This innovation is not only limited to lighting level control, but also provides additional features such as monitoring customer flow in commercial premises, so that you can plan the optimal product placement later.

From iGuzzini's 2019 novelties in Gaismas Stils premises you can still see Palco Framer Recessed ø 37 mm, as well as many other  models from previous years from Laser Blade, Trick, Linelauce, Laser, Underscore InOut and other collections.