The launch of an updated logo and setting up a brand new office in the Riga’s Quite Centre is just the tip of the iceberg, that symbolizes a new stage within Gaismas Stils which celebrates its 20 year anniversary this year. The actual strength hides within our internal improvements and changes which we have been going through during the last couple of years:
  • We have increased and strengthened the team of lighting professionals, reorganized roles and functions to operate and perform faster, better and more effective;
  • We have optimized our producer portfolio and ended up with the perfect selection of well-known European brands to accomplish projects of any complexity, size or type without any limitations in assortment;
  • We have learned from the best producers in the world, have realized the largest projects in Latvia and have improved our skills and knowledge to become better lighting designers than anyone else in the market. We are now ready to raise lighting design services in Latvia to a whole new level;
  • We have upgraded our location and office premises and set up our workplace with the most advanced and newest office lighting solutions and a light experience room full of the newest samples ready to be explored;
  • We have improved our internal management system and work processes in order to provide even better support to our partners and better prices to our clients.
We are now ready more than ever to save your time and money by making outstanding, innovative, and sustainable lighting designs and help realize projects of any type or size with ease and confidence.