Construction of the Science and Innovation Centre “VIZIUM” in Ventspils started in 2019, and its mission is to spread knowledge of physics, nature, substances interaction, sound and light in an easily-to-understand manner, and to deepen the understanding of science and its all-encompassing nature throughout different target audiences.
Interactive educational exhibition halls with 88 different displays, science shows, laboratories, conference rooms, classes and tech creative workshops will be available in the Centre of Science, that can be attended to study physics, chemistry, and other natural sciences.
The center is scheduled to open in June, 2022 and it will help attract tourists from all over the world.
SIA Gaismas Stils received the Gratitude badge from the general contractor AS LNK Industries for good cooperation in this project. This is an appraisal for professional attitude and constructive cooperation that led to the construction of this unique and impressive building which will be the home for science and innovation.
SIA Gaismas Stils made the lighting project of interior lighting (main areas and offices). In this project products of well-known producers such as iGuzzini, Trilux, Oktalite, Artemide were used.
Place: Rūpniecības str. 2, Ventspils
Customer: Ventspils municipality
General contractor: SA LNK Industries.
Architects: Audrius Ambrasas, Vilma Adomonytė, Jonas Motiejūnas, Viktorija Rimkutė, Justas Jankauskas („Audrius Ambrasas architects“)
Technical project, project management: Jūris Poga, Astra Poga („Arhitekta J.Pogas Birojs“)
Construction engineer: Aldis Grasmanis (BKB)
Designing: 2016-2019.
Year of construction: 2019-2022.
Area: 6 653 sq.m.